Irish dance classes in Richmond, VA

"Dance with your heart and your feet will follow."

- Author unknown

Where can I buy...?

Standard Dance Attire
Ellman's Dancewear - located in Carytown
Main Street Dancewear - located in Richmond
Pointe Dance Boutique - local dance supply store in Woodlake
Curtain Call for Class
Discount Dance Supply - Use Teacher ID: TP69296 for discounts!
Dancewear Solutions

Irish dance shoes & supplies
Antonio Pacelli
Fay's shoes
Rutherford Shoes - Cavan Pumps (soft shoes) available at Pointe Dance Boutique
Keily's - buckles, socks, sock glue, dress bags - an assortment of items
Used Irish dance shoes - Speak with your instructor before purchasing from one of these sites! used shoes message board
Feis Dresses used shoe listings
Irish dancing shoes for sale Facebook page
Irish Dance Shoe Exchange

Hair Pieces & Tiaras
Celtic Curls - For bun wigs
Emerald Key
Tillie's Tiaras
Used Solo Dresses - for dancers in the Open level or ages 15 and older ONLY
Emerald Dance
Facebook Groups - Irish Dance Buy/Sell/Trade North America and Irish Dance Dresses
Feis Dresses
Get That Dress
Irish Dancing Directory
Used Solo Dresses
Custom Solo Dresses - for dancers in the Open level or ages 15 and older ONLY
Blackthorn Tailors
Shamrock Stitchery
Triskell Design - lovely solo dresses that are washable!
The Velvet Castle - elegant dresses in classic styles that don't break your pocketbook
Accessories, Gifts, Music & DVDs
Jan's Custom Clips - number clips
Celtic Colours - Richmond Celtic merchant of jewelry and other Celtic gifts
CeltiCottage - Virginia Beach merchant of Irish music, DVDs and Celtic gifts
RedBirdTreasures - For tie-dyed colored poodle socks