Irish dance classes in Richmond, VA

"Dance with your heart and your feet will follow."

- Author unknown

School Costumes

School costumes must be purchased for those dancers who wish to compete in WIDA feiseanna. Costumes vary depending on the age, gender and competitive level of the student.  Our jumper, dress and cape are all made by a local seamstress and fitted to your dancer.  As used ensembles and costume pieces are available, they are placed on the for sale rack in the front of the studio.  Always check there first!

For female Beginner dancers, the school costume consists of a white polo shirt, a green skirt, and white poodle socks.  See below for information on where to purchase these costume pieces.

 For female dancers who compete in the Primary or Intermediate level AND are ages 14 and under, dancers may choose between the HOI Jumper Ensemble or the HOI School Dress Ensemble.

The HOI Jumper Ensemble consists of a white Peter Pan-collar blouse, the black HOI jumper, white poodle socks, and a headband.  Heart of Ireland Dancer in school costume

The HOI School Dress Ensemble consists of the black HOI school dress with cape, sparkly poodle socks, an Alana bun wig and a tiara.

Female dancers at the Open level or who compete at age 15 and older may decide to invest in a solo dress; this is not required.

For adult females at any/all levels, you may purchase an HOI school dress with cape, you may purchase a solo dress, or you may use a white polo shirt and dark green skirt that is above the knee.


Male Irish dancerFor male Sprites, Beginner or Primary dancers, the beginner ensemble consists of black pants, white polo shirt, and black socks.  Order white polo shirts, black pants and black socks here.  You must also purchase a WIDA patch from the studio to put on your dancer's polo shirt.  $5 in the studio.

  Male dancers at the Intermediate level may wear a long-sleeved colored shirt instead of the white polo shirt.

To purchase an HOI Jumper or School Dress ensemble, please contact the studio.  Payment must be received in advance.


Where to purchase the WIDA Beginner Costume pieces

White Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt: You can buy this anywhere - Kohl's, Walmart, Target, Sears, JC Penney's, etc.  You can also order online at  Any short-sleeved solid white polo is fine as long as it has NO POCKETS.

WIDA Patch:  You must purchase this in the studio.  Patches are $5 each.  The patch must be glued or sewn onto the dancer's left chest.  If you choose to glue the patch, we recommend hot glue,  E-6000 craft glue (available at Michael's or Jo-Ann's) or Badge Magic (used by Scouts).

Green skirt/skort:  This one is the tricky one. You cannot purchase it locally. 

  • If your dancer is size 3T-4T, we recommend the Solid Skirt in Forest from GTM Sportswear. Skirts should come to between 2" and 3" above the knee.
  • If your dancer is size 4-12 or so, we recommend the Two Tab Scooter or the Pleated Skirt from  Skirts should come to between 2" and 3" above the knee.
  • If your dancer is size 14 or larger (in juniors or misses sizes), we recommend the Kelly Green circle skirt from Trienawear.  The skirt comes in a variety of lengths and waist sizes.  Please measure your dancer and order the correct length skirt for her.  Skirts should come to between 2" and 3" above the knee.  Lengths available are: 15", 18" 21", and 24".  Click on the correct length to be taken to that skirt.  Make sure you order a skirt with an ENCLOSED elastic waist. 
  • Different dancers may look better in one skirt/skort or the other.  Use your best judgement when selecting a skirt/skort for your dancer.  If one style is more flattering than another, choose the one that is more flattering!
  • Other options: make a circle skirt from Hunter Green/Bottle Green or other dark green fabric.
  • Feel free to look at each of the 3 websites (GTM Sportswear, and Trienawear) if you want just to see what's available.  They all have acceptable skirts, within the guidelines given above.

Poodle Socks: Available in the studio for $10 (plain) or $12 (sparkly). 

Sock Glue: Available in the studio for $10.  This is applied to the leg underneath the top of the sock and then the sock is folded back up over the glued area.  This keeps the socks from falling down during the recital.

Tan Tights - only worn if the dancer has an allergy or sensivitiy to sock glue: Must be Capezio Ultra Soft in Light Suntan (or closest color to dancer's skin tone).  Available at Pointe Dance Boutique (local), Ellman's (local), Discount Dance Supply  (online - Use Teacher ID: TP69296 for discounts!) or Curtain Call for Class (online).  Tights are worn under poodle socks if the dancer has an allergy or sensitivity to the sock glue.  Sock glue is ALWAYS best!