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If you are interested in having Irish dancers at your celebration or event, please fill out our Online Performance Checklist and submit a photo of the performance area, including the dance surface.  


We book up very quickly for March, so please plan early.


We are happy to perform for you at other times of year as well!  Performance fees vary depending on travel distance, number of dancers and length of show requested.  We will get back to you shortly with our availability for your proposed date and time, as well as pricing for your performance.


Online Performance Checklist - Downloadable PDF


Fees:  Additional fees apply for travel greater than 15 miles from our studio, additional performance time, and additional equipment supplied (sound system, portable flooring, etc.).  We do offer a discounted rate for retirement communities, nursing homes, religious organizations and other non-profit groups.  We will advise you of the total fee for your performance based on the information provided in the form below.

Instructions and Information:

  1. Please fill out form completely, including full street address with city and zipcode.  You may submit the online form below or download the PDF form, complete it and return it to us by email.

  2. Please submit a photo of the proposed dance area to Andrea McCarney.

  3. Client-provided sound systems must be able to connect to an iPod via 30-pin or auxiliary (headphone) cord.  If you are unsure if your sound system will connect to an iPod, please send us a photo of your system.  We can provide a sound system for an additional fee.

  4. Performances that include both soft and hard shoe dancing provide the most variety and the longest performances by our dancers.  Soft shoe dancing is performed in leather- or suede-bottom shoes and is ballet-like in nature.  Hard shoe dancing is a percussive dance form (think Riverdance!) performed in shoes with fiberglass tips and heels.

  5. Due to the construction of hard shoes, we have very specific flooring needs for hard shoe dancing - linoleum and parquet or polyurethaned wood floors are subject to significant, visible scuffing, scratching and marking if we dance on them in our hard shoes.  In addition, carpet is not suitable for hard shoe dancing because you will not be able to hear the sounds of the dancers' feet. If your flooring cannot tolerate marring, we can provide portable flooring for hard shoe dancing for an additional fee.   We strongly suggest the incorporation of hard shoe dancing in any performance greater than 10 minutes in length in order to provide the most interesting show for your attendees!

  6. Performances that are outdoors on an uncovered surface that is exposed to the elements can be tricky. In general, we do not dance on outdoor surfaces if they are wet.  To avoid last-minute cancellations for these outdoor performances, we strongly recommend that you have a pop-up canopy covering your dance area.


Additional Questions: Please contact Andrea McCarney.