Class Descriptions

All of our classes are held at our studios located at 11800 Hull Street Road, Suite F, Midlothian, VA  23112. We are located at the intersection of Bailey Bridge and Hull Street Roads in the Corner Shoppes Shopping Center. We currently offer classes through Zoom or in studio with smaller class sizes. 

Irish Dance for Beginners


Sprites 1 - Irish Dance for Preschoolers - 30-minute class
Children must be potty trained.
This class is designed for preschool and kindergarten children ages 3-5. Students will learn the building blocks of Irish soft shoe dancing and how to fit their steps to the rhythm of the music. 

Sprites 2 - Irish Dance for ages 4 to 5 with previous dance experience. This class is a continuation of Sprites 1 and will add 15 minutes of hardshoe. Regular tap shoes are fine! 

Beginner Soft Shoe - 45 minute class
Students will start with basic soft shoe steps including reels and single jigs. For students ages 6 to 12 (co-ed).

Beginner Hard Shoe - 30-minute class
Students will start with basic hard shoe steps including traditional treble jigs and treble reels. For students ages 6 to 12 

Beginner Teen/Adult Soft Shoe  - 45-minute class
This is a progressive-track class. Students will start with basic soft shoe steps including reels, single jigs and light jigs. For students ages 13 to adult.

Adult Ceili-45 minute class

For adults 18 and up. A great way to exercise and socialize! Ghillies, jazz shoes or clean tennis shoes are fine.


Ceili - 45 minute class
Students will learn basic movements required to perform Irish ceili (figure) dances. Ghillies, men's reel shoes or jazz sneakers required.  For students age 8 to adult.


Irish Dance for Continuing/Transfer Students

We welcome transfer students from any Irish dance program!  We will meet with you and/or have you try out a class or two to make sure we find the perfect fit for you within our studio family.  We pride ourselves on making class recommendations for EACH student based on their individual abilities, experience and learning pace, and not just on age or years of study. Our Intermediate and Open level classes are by permission of the instructor.


Advanced Beginner Soft Shoe - 45-minute class
This class is for continuing students by recommendation.  They will continue to work on basics and add light jigs and slip jigs to the students' soft shoe repertoire.


Advanced Beginner Hard Shoe - 45-minute class
This class is for continuing students by recommendation. This class will add traditional hornpipes to the students' repertoire as well as the traditional set dance, St. Patrick's Day. 

Primary Soft Shoe - 60-minute class
This class is for continuing students who compete at the Primary level in soft shoe or by recommendation. 


Primary Hard Shoe - 45-minute class
This class is for continuing students who compete at the Primary level in hard shoe, or by recommendation.


Intermediate & Open Soft & Hard Shoe - 60-minute classes
These classes are for continuing students by recommendation.


Tap for Irish Dancers
his class is for dancers ages 8 and older who have some hard shoe experience. A fun work out using traditional tap and Irish. 


Additional Information:
Heart of Ireland students will have opportunities to compete through the World Irish Dance Association. Competition is not required, but is left up to each student and family. Heart of Ireland also has 3 performance groups, The Little Company, Celtic Pulse and Celtic Rhythm, which perform throughout the community at school fitness and international nights, area carnivals and festivals, nursing homes and other venues. Participation in the performance companies is by invitation and is subject to additional fees for costumes and travel.

Students transferring from other Irish dance schools are placed in a class after an evaluation. They may participate in WIDA feiseanna after a re-training period.

Please contact us with any questions about class offerings or placement.  If there's a class you want and it's not listed here, or it's not offered at a time you need, just let us know.  We'll do our best to accommodate you!