Recital 2020

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Location to be announced. Recital costumes are ordered by December 2019. More information will be sent home by mid October.  


Hair:  Please secure any stray hairs away from the face with bobby pins, hair spray and/or gel.  Please use a hair-colored ponytail holder in the hair - do NOT use a colored (red, green, pink, etc.) one.  For those classes whose hair is listed as "Bun at crown of head", please see this website for instructions!  Here is a photo for reference - note that the bun is at the CROWN of the head, not at the back or smack-dab on top (aka 'cupcake head').

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Recital Tickets


Recital tickets (wristbands) will be $15 adults/$12 seniors and children ages 4-11.  Seating is general admission.  Tickets will go on sale at the studio on June 1.  Cash or check only for recital tickets - no credit cards.  Tickets will also be available for sale at the door. 


Dancers will be given a special dancer-only wristband that they must wear if they wish to watch the remainder of the recital after they have danced (or Act 1 if the dancer is only in Act 2). Dancer wristbands will be distributed at dress rehearsal.


Recital Etiquette


No videorecording or flash photography during the show. Still, non-flash photos are permitted.


Please turn off all cell phones and other 'noisy' electronics or set them to vibrate.


Please do not enter or leave the auditorium during a dance number. If you must leave the auditorium during the show, please wait until the end of a dance before opening the auditorium doors. Our door monitors will be there to make sure the doors stay closed during the dances.


Please stay until the end! All of the dancers have worked very hard this year and the dancers at the end of the show deserve just as nice an audience as the dancers at the beginning. We anticipate the show to run no more than an hour and a half.


If you would like to retrieve your dancer after he/she is finished his/her dance(s), you may do so. You must put on the dancer wristband in order for your student to be admitted into the auditorium.  Dancers may sit in the auditorium with you after all of their dances are finished.  If your dancer is ONLY in Act 2, he/she may sit with you during Act 1. 


No food or drink in the auditorium. This includes gum!


No dancer may chew gum on or backstage. Feel free to consume drinks or snacks in the lobby area.


Clapping is good! If you see a particularly difficult element or something you like, clapping is encouraged. The more energy you give to the dancers, the more energy they will give back to you.


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Dress Rehearsal


All students must attend the mandatory tech rehearsals and dress rehearsal. Act I will have tech rehearsal on Wednesday, June 10 at 6pm, Act II will have tech rehearsal on Thursday, June 11 at 6pm and Dress Rehearsal will be on Friday, June 12, 6pm.


Please arrive for the dress rehearsal and have your dancer dressed in their first costume and sitting in the auditorium no later than 5:45.  Hair and makeup should be done for dress rehearsal to help with light design.


Please bring all of your dancer's costume pieces and shoes and change in the dressing room at the school.  DO NOT wear your dance shoes in the parking lot!  Make sure that your dancer's name is in his/her shoes and in every single costume piece.


No males are allowed in the girls'/ladies' dressing rooms.


Dancers may not eat or drink (other than water) in their costumes!  This is a VERY important rule.  We cannot replace costumes that get food or drink on them the night of recital!  If you MUST eat a snack, please remove your costume before doing so OR bring a cover-up to wear.  An old large robe or large button-down shirt work well.


You may videorecord your dancer at the dress rehearsal.  NO videorecording during the recital!

After your dancer has finished all of his/her dances, you may leave. We will practice the finale first.


Recital Performance!


Dancers must arrive and be in their dressing rooms no later than 6:00 pm for the evening recital peformance. 


Dancers should bring their costumes and shoes to dress at the school.

The recital will start at 7:00 pm and run roughly an hour and a half.


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We will need volunteers to help with a number of jobs.  Jobs will include helping during the dress rehearsal, working out front to sell tickets and monitor the doors to the auditorium, and working back stage helping in the dressing rooms.  We request that only females sign up as dressing room helpers.  You may sign up to be a volunteer by emailing Andrea. We are always happy to sign off on volunteer hours for middle and high school students, so feel free to have those members of your family volunteer!


Order of Dances


To be announced soon!


Recital DVDs


Videorecording is permitted during the dress rehearsal ONLY.  No videorecording of ANY kind is permitted during the recital show.  Lowe Productions will be videorecording the recital for us again this year and making DVDs available for purchase.  The quality of these DVDs is GREAT, but it will take a couple of months for the DVD to arrive at the studio.  The DVDs are well worth the wait!  You can order your DVD online in advance or you can download the form and bring it with your payment to their table at the recital! 


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Cookie Bouquets


One of our dance moms is taking pre-orders for cookie bouquets.  She makes FANTASTIC cookies and what a neat gift for your dancer!  Orders are due in the studio no later than June 8.  You can fill out the order form and bring your check or cash into the studio.  No credit cards.  Checks should be made out to: Alison Reining.


Recital Photos

Date TBA

Please do not come dressed in your costume. I have seen them get wrinkled, covered in dog hair or dirty from car rides. Please do NOT eat or drink in your costume. Bring a cover up! The same goes for recital time. AFTER recital, the kids can play dress up all they want, but until recital is over, please be very careful. Make sure to get any wrinkles out of the costumes or hang them in a steamy bathroom. Make sure you have your shoes and tights the day of pictures. We can't have a kid in the group photo who is missing tights, shoes or costume pieces. Every year we have a frantic parent scrambling for a missing shoe or hair piece. 

You may wear your hair however you like for photos. Please just make sure it is neat and tidy and not directly in your face. A little light makeup helps keep the dancers from looking washed out in the photos. Moms of boys, I know they are not into the makeup so I will leave the battle up to you. Boys, make sure you have black pants if needed and black socks. NO WHITE SOCKS! Brennan did that once and it was not a good look! 

Advertising in the Recital Program

We are offering our families and local businesses the opportunity to advertise in our recital program.  If you would like to place an ad in the program, please use the 
Ad Order Form and submit the form, payment and your digital ad no later than June 1!


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